In 1982, marketers associated with Algonquin College met in Ottawa to establish a marketing institute modeled after the Chartered Institute of Marketing—UK. The Institute was launched to promote and develop the practice of marketing in Canada by encouraging the adoption of professional Standards and qualifications by practitioners and employees, and to become the recognized body for professional marketers in Canada.

In 1984, the Institute’s by-laws were approved and James Jarrett, MCInst.M., FCInst.M was confirmed as the Institute’s National Chairman.

In 1992, the Institute changed its focus on educational standards and decided to accredit educational institutions whose programs matched the Institute’s education requirements for membership.

At the 2001-2002 Annual General Meeting, Grant Lee became the Institute’s first paid general manager to run the day-to-day operations of the Institute and activate committees chaired by members of the Board of Directors.

The Institute enhanced its online presence through 2005 by refreshing its Website and e-marketing activities. For the first time, readers of Marketing Canada could subscribe to the journal online.

In 2007, a new classification of membership was introduced. Members holding the designation MCInst.M could apply for a Certificate of Registration to practice as a Registered Professional Marketer (RPM).

Strategic alliances became the focus of the Institute from 2012 through 2015 and continue to influence the growth of the Institute.

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Marketing Canada

Marketing Canada is the official journal of the Canadian Institute of Marketing. The publication is distributed quarterly as a pdf file to all members and friends of The Canadian Institute of Marketing. Each issue covers articles related to changing marketing theory, applications of standards and principles, and case studies. The journal also documents the history of events taking place at the Canadian Institute of Marketing.

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Strategic Partners

ACCES Employment
ACCES Employment is a leader in connecting employers with qualified employees from diverse backgrounds.
AGL Marketing Limited

Providing management and marketing services, and sharing resources with the Canadian Institute of Marketing since 1998.
Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals
Conferences, seminars and networking events for Toronto-area members.




Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing accredited by the Canadian Institute of Marketing

The Canadian Institute of Marketing has accreditied the Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing of The Business School, Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning. Graduates of the Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing may apply to the Canadian Institute of marketing for Graduate, Associate, or Professional membership. The Institute's Registrar reviews the application of a graduating student and grants a level of membership based on academic achievement in marketing, which may extend beyond The Business School, Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, and length and depth of experience. An applicant who has graduated from the Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing would be granted at least Graduate membership and may use the post nominal, G,CInst.M after being granted membership.

New International Member Category - ICInst.M

The Canadian Institute of Marketing received its Certificate of Continuance in July, 2014. To secure the documentation from Industry Canada, the Canadian Institute of Marketing adopted the model bylaw provided by Industry Canada and updated the Institute's bylaw. Included in the update is a new membership category - International Associate.

The category, International Associate (ICInst.M) is for marketers residing in countries other than Canada who wish to be a peer-reviewed member holding a Canadian Institute of Marketing credential. They are non-voting members and cannot challenge the Institute's Certificate of Registration to be able to use the post nominal RPM (Registered Professional Marketer). Only professional members holding the designation MCInst.M can challenge the exam.

Any marketer residing in countries other than Canada may apply for the voting level Associate (ACInst.M) and Professional Member (MCInst.M) designations. There are, however, experience and academic requirements for the ICInst.M designation. These are detailed on the membership page of this Web site at


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