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In choosing marketers, what are the pros and cons of having fresh Canadian MBAs, people with Canadian field sales experience - or Global experience? Familiarity or fresh perspective?
(Question by Hisham Younes, Bilingual Healthcare Relationship Specialist - on LinkedIn)
Response by Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM

Good question, Hisham. There probably is no definitive answer. Many will disagree with me when I say this - and many who are personal friends of mine with "executive" MBAs. I do not believe an MBA is a guaranteed ticket for success. My observations lead me to believe that some holders of such credentials could never start a small business, and feed themselves over any sustained period. I am a firm believer in education and laud those who achieve degrees of higher learning and then have the ability to apply the special knowledge and skills they acquire and then share the fruits of their success with others. I have no time for the pretenders that fail to help their employers while wasting marketing resources, year after year. No matter what you do, we know that every day everybody has to sell something - a notion, a product/service an excuse. Everyday we sell. Businesses are really fortunate when they have people (principals and staff) who can sell something. In Canada, I too often hear that you need Canadian experience...don't believe it. You need to be able to communicate and know every detail of what you are selling. We are in a global economy with international notions feeding into local businesses every day. Time for the entrenched to try new technology, ways of doing things and opening up to people with new ways of marketing and selling within the laws of Canada and recognized business practice. These can be learned quickly. What takes (sometimes a lifetime) are networks and sales contacts. That reality is critical to business and marketing success and it is something that is penetrated by the skills of the individual. There... a lot to ponder.

John Jackson, MCInst.M
Educator and Education Marketer
WORKTRAIN International

Taiwo Soetan, MCInst.M
School of Business & Applied Arts,
Red River College of Applied Arts,
Science and Technology, Manitoba.

Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM
Consulting Marketer
AGL Marketing Limited

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