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A consulting marketer works with private and public sector organizations to create and implement marketing strategies and tactics. In many cases, both strategic and tactical marketing services are offered by a marketing consultant on a fee-for-service basis. For some clients, strategic plans are in place that complement the organization's business plan and only tactical ideas are needed for implementation. In most circumstances, the clients of consulting marketers are in great need of integrated marketing communications that requires specialized knowledge and technology for broadcasting the value proposition of products and services through Web-based social media and traditional media platforms.

Among many services, a marketing consultant can help create a detailed marketing plan, determine brand messages, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to help a client sell something whether a product, service or an idea. Consulting marketers are skilled at implementing marketing strategies and tactics.
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Communicating using the inverted pyramid style

By A. Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM
AGL Marketing Limited

When writing storylines for advertisements, video and blogs, don’t wait to the end to make your point. Make it at the beginning and taper your message to the least valuable knowledge at the end. Attention span of audiences for first impression is measured in seconds, in part (in my opinion) to the many distractions competing for the attention of an individual at any moment. Think about how comfortable and appealing that mobile device feels in your hand while someone is speaking to you. There is always that expectation of a vibration or ring tone. Many hear, but few listen.

In a time when people claim that lifestyles have become more complicated, the art of marketing communications continues to change, rapidly. By means of graphics, video and copy, marketers are messaging audiences through traditional and new media introduced through television, radio and the ‘net. I believe that marketing communications can be more effective if the inverted pyramid is applied to verbal and non-verbal messaging.

To demonstrate the verbal use of the inverted pyramid style of communications, consider the 30 second elevator pitch. People seeking employment or going through changes in careers, and owners of businesses are advised to have a brief pitch ready to answer who you are and what you are seeking. Employees and employers are advised to have a 30 second elevator pitch ready when asked about their business. The inverted pyramid can be used to structure the pitch. If you are still talking when the eyes of the audience start to glaze, you can move on knowing that you made your point before disinterest settled in. A good elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds.

In marketing communications, the inverted pyramid is either unknown or forgotten by many. It is more important today than ever before.

Grant Lee is a Registered Professional Marketer and president of AGL Marketing Limited, a full service marketing consultancy providing services to clients in Canada and the USA. Contact him at; see his profile on LinkedIn; and on the web at

Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM
Consulting Marketer
AGL Marketing Limited

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